Sample Music Tracks

Rocketz Bronze Style 2023
Royal Kats Gold Style 2023
Wild Kats Full Gear Platinum Style

Bronze (up to 2.5mins)
# Vocalists -2
Original 8cts – 8 to 10
Edits – Yes
Rush Available – Yes
Bronze Mix is a tier 1 custom music product. The mix is created using mostly songs, with voice-overs in the intro and transitions.This style of mix has GREAT energy! Includes 2 voice over artists

Silver (up to 2.5mins)
# Vocalists – 4
Original 8cts – 10-15
Revisions – Yes
Rush Available – Yes
Silver mixes=tier two mix. A third of the mix is what we write for your team. The remainder of the mix is your song choices. This mix is a perfect balance of songs and vocal talent! Includes 4 voice over artists

Gold (up to 2.5mins)
# Vocalists – 8
Original 8cts – 18-24
Includes Cover Music
Includes Cover Music
Edits – Yes
Rush Available – Yes
Gold mixes are 50% content made specifically for your team. This mix takes your choreography and style to the next level. Includes 8 voice over artists

Click on links to hear some sample mixes
CheerCon Heartbreakers 2023 Silver Style
CheerCon Marauder 2024
CheerCon UNF Ospreys 2024 Platinum Style

8 Count BPM break down